The exhibition "Marathon Expo" and its direct connection to the Athens Authentic Marathon, has the effect of ensuring a targeted buyer audience in the sports industry, consisting of the thousands of marathon runners and their companions.
As a result, it offers the following significant advantages for the participants:
  • Direct contact with more than 75,000 athletes and consumers of the most dynamic target groups, with the lowest possible cost.
  • Direct sales development and communication with part of the prospective customers of the business.
  • Perfect opportunity to launch new brands and services and to improve the corporate and brand profile.
  • Substantial support of the sales department and cost-efficient contact with prospective customers.
  • Open new markets beyond usual corporate distribution channels.
  • Important product & services promotion to the opinion-makers (media, journalists, etc.)
  • Ability to create a reliable consumer data base of prospective customers.
  • Connecting your company with the prestige of the Athens Authentic Marathon, the greatest annual sport event in Greece.
  • Participation in a landmark event, bringing together all of the road movement and the free running sports market of Greece, which has a significant growth power.
  • Ensured audience consisting of the thousands of runners of the Athens Authentic Marathon and their companions, who will necessarily visit the exhibition, since it is co-located with the Registration Center for Runners.
  • Audience with high purchasing power, originating from 105 different countries.
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