Sports Shoes Recycling

"Let them Run Again" - Sport Shoes Recycling.

When the environment, society and the Marathon go hand in hand.

For the third year in a row, the "Athens Marathon. The Authentic" links environmental protection with social causes, by implementing the
Sports shoes recycling – reuse scheme with the title “LET THEM RUN AGAIN”.

Most of the runners do have a pair of running shoes that is hanging on a shelf without being used for ages.
Instead of throwing them away during a house clearance, you are invited to bring your used -in good condition- sport shoes to the Athens Authentic Marathon Registration Centre/ ERGO MARATHON EXPO (TAE KWON DO stadium) and “give them a second life”.

The volunteers of the ngo npo INSTITUTE TEAM FOR THE WORLD, will collect them and after assessing their condition, τ
he shoes will be forwarded to people who need them either for exercising or for a more “trivial”use.